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Date Published - 2014-03-30 Author - Yasmin Parry

5150 Juice

Liquid Caffeine Concentrate, formerly known as 5150 juice, is simply concentrated liquid caffeine in a bottle. The basic version has no sweeteners or flavourings added, but a sweetened version is available. The idea is that you add 1 oz (about 30ml) to your favourite drink. This boosts your drink with 500mg of pure caffeine turning it into an instant energy drink. Of course you can add less 5150 if you want to.5150

The idea is you take your bottle of 5150 juice and just add 30ml or less to whatever drink you fancy. It could be a cola drink, a fruit drink, milk, tea, coffee or even any alcoholic drink. People have even added 5150 to peanut butter, salad dressing and gravy. Whatever works for you.

Once you have added it to a drink and glugged it down the caffeine hits your brain like a bullet and you are on a serious caffeine high for about four hours. For that time you are likely to be jittery and “wired”. The good news is that there is no “crash” at the end of the period.

5150 juice contains no sugar and no calories, just caffeine, sodium benzoate and water. For most purposes about 10ml, or 2 teaspoons, will keep you buzzing for the whole four hours and using the whole 30ml dose will probably be overkill for most people’s requirements. The caffeine content of the 30ml dose is 500mg of pure caffeine – about equivalent to 5 espressos or 5 generic stay-awake pills.

Just to warn you, somewhere between 130 and 140mg of caffeine is regarded as the maximum red-line limit above which you could seriously harm yourself.

So is 5150 juice a good thing?5150
Well, it is convenient to carry a small bottle around with you and if you need a rapid energy boost but don’t like the taste of the proprietary energy drinks, you can add a caffeine shot to whatever drink you like. That makes it pretty good and a useful product. Used within the recommended guidelines it is quite safe. Lastly it does what it says. You do get a very fast caffeine rush which lasts a good length of time and there is no big crash at the end. Overall then it is a good and useful product.

Date Published - 2014-03-30 Author - Yasmin Parry


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